Our History

Anoplex began in late 2005. Bill Fazakerly, owner of Anoplex, holds a BS in Engineering and an MS in Computer Science. The Anoplex mission is to bring better technology to the metal finishing industry. ChemTrak and JobPro were developed from 2006 to 2008 and tested at Acteron Corporation in San Carlos, California, and later at Flextronics International in a heavy-usage, enterprise environment. In 2008 the Anoplex website was launched to market the software, and today (2017) there are over 100 software installations worldwide.

Our Technology

Anoplex programs are "Native NET". There is no intellectual property that is not developed and owned in house. With the advent of Windows 10, we have continued to develop proprietary software to enable tablet-based programs. Screens smoothly scroll through large data files. A man's finger can click our buttons and checkboxes. Our dropdown menus and numeric keypads eliminate clumsy keyboards while allowing entry of all data required by AC7108.

Our tablet technology can increase the efficiency of your shop and is only available from Anoplex. Our customers can work on light-weight, portable tablets anywhere there is a WiFi signal, thereby eliminating paper, saving time, and minimizing errors by "entering data where the data happens".

Our Philosophy

Our philosphy is to continuously add value without adding cost. We pay no license fees and have no third-party costs to pass on to our customers. We have a low-overhead organization focused on customer support. We price our software below our competitors even though our programs are easier to use and more useful. We keep our customers up to date. We don't charge for upgrades, and we don't increase prices to existing customers.

Your Choice

If your software vendor is stuck in the last century, or is charging you for every little thing, contact Anoplex for a better solution.