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ASTM B117 Standard

TestTrak facilitates recording of salt-spray chamber parameters and load records as required by the ASTM B117 Standard. Anyone who does corrosion testing for metal finishing knows that this is a daunting task.

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TestTrak has independent logs for chamber testing and loading. Multiple chambers and specifications are supported. Recorded data is compared to ASTM B117 parameter ranges as it is entered.

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ASTM B117 Table 3 look up from specific gravity and temperature helps users who do not measure NaCl directly. Collection data is charted to help with solution adjustments.


Proper times and panel angles for finishing specifications are one click away: no more mistakes when panels are loaded. Audit findings are far less likely.

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TestTrak compares current date and time with the hours required per specification for each load so that you know exactly when to remove the panels. Calendars give a warning and show when the unload time is missed.

When the chamber is opened for loading, unloading or testing, additional time can be added to the schedule for all loads in the chamber in a single operation.

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When loads are removed from the chamber, pictures of panels can be taken and linked from the camera roll to the load records.


TestTrak reports are generated as Excel spreadsheets that can be customized with your logo and preferred layout. Reports include a Load Report with an option to include chamber tests during the load period; a Load Log with load and unload times, Nadcap pass, fail, retest, replace and invalid results; Chamber Log with collection, chamber, and solution parameters; and a data dump report that can be used to chart any recorded parameters.

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Real-World Experience

TestTrak is built on ChemTrak libraries with over 10 years of real-world experience at more than 100 companies. It works on client PCs and servers running any Windows operating system supported by Microsoft. It is designed as a networked system with server-resident database. Permission levels are built in, so you have control over who is able to enter loads, record chamber parameters, etc.

Anoplex programs are in use at small shops with as few as 10 tanks and larger shops with hundreds of tanks running hundreds of jobs each month. All Anoplex software is modern "Native NET" with no third-party intellectual property. If you want the best for less, contact sales@anoplex.com.