A Job System for Metal Finishing

JobPro is a full-featured job system that can document routers, generate quick estimates and quotes, track jobs from receiving to shipping, collect and analyze inspection data, save and analyze NCRs, and speed up invoicing. JobPro is designed to meet the requirements of Nadcap Chemical Processing as covered in AC7108. With the JobPad module, companies can automate Nadcap buy-off and data recording while keeping job history electronically. JobPro is simply the best job system for any metal finishing company.

Getting Started

Setting up your customer database is easy with JobPro. If you are using Quickbooks (Pro or Enterprise) or Sage your customer data can be exported to Excel and imported to JobPro using our JobTools program. The Excel spreadsheet can also be setup from any other source of customer data. The customer data includes the usual shipping address, billing address, contacts, etc. as well as information to create the linkage to your bookkeeping software - balance sheet account, income account(s), etc. Shipped reports can be generated for shops that do not use Quickbooks, Sage50 or Sage BusinessWorks.

Since processes can be modified after they are linked to parts, it is possible to implement simple process routers and be ready to launch very quickly. This is the right approach if you want to simplify accounting procedures ASAP and deal with process control/Nadcap later. Another approach is to begin with Nadcap conformant process routers, set up a few of your repeat part numbers, and set up for Nadcap processing right away. The installation database includes routers for anodizing and plating that meet all AC7108 requirements, and these can be used as templates for your own routers. Once a process router is entered, you can quickly enter the parts that use the process by adding part number, revision, surface area, and part-specific notes for masking, tooling or packaging. When a part number is ready to go, a job can be entered in a few seconds; when a part number is not in the system, a typical job can be entered in three minutes. Most companies do not attempt to set up part numbers before launching as long as all needed processes are online and checked. Because parts can share a process, your documentation maintenance is significantly reduced, and different part numbers that share a process can be routed on a single job order.

Creating JobPro Routers

JobPro includes an editor that lets you quickly create routers for your processes. These process routers can then be referenced by part records. The part record adds part number; part revision; surface area; instructions for masking, tooling or testing; a part picture for the printed router, and other part-specific information. JobPro facilitates document control of all parts and process routers, and both can be marked frozen, locked or unlocked to conform with AC7108 requirements.

The JobPro editor lets you check the process steps where AC7108 ¶ 3.3.1 requires data to be recorded on the router. You can also create and select Excel spreadsheets for test reports: coating thickness, coupon coating thickness, surface finish, and various other metrics. Whether you want a simple spreadsheet that collect thickness readings, or a complex test report with pictures and diagrams, JobPro can link to your spreadsheet, populate job number, part number, etc., and give it to you for saving and sending to your customer.

Using JobPro in Production

It is easy to enter jobs and print routers from JobPro, but more companies are using JobPad to avoid printed routers altogether. JobPad runs on the Microsoft Surface 3, Dell Venue, HP Envy and other Windows 10 tablets, and allows you to enter jobs, check routers, create lots/racks, sign off lot progress, and collect data for Nadcap. On the JobPad, jobs can be sorted by due date or job number, and you can search to instantly find any lot in process. Lots can be selected by pointing (with your finger) to a tab.

Lots are typically created in Racking. Your rackers can use the JobPad to quickly enter new lots with the number of parts on the rack or in the barrel. These lots appear as tabs on the Pad. Once the lot is created, anyone can see the router by pointing to a tab. Everyone in your company will know what steps have been signed and what data has been entered for each rack of parts in the shop. Routers can be setup to meet all Nadcap data collection requirements or for commercial jobs with no data collection. Nadcap data collection is facilitated by the exclusive Nadcap entry pad (which allows entry of Pass, Fail, Yes, and No for break-free signoff, etc.) by pointing with your finger to the JobPad screen.

Using JobPad, Nadcap companies will have the additional benefit of electronic records. After each rack has been processed, you will be able to see who signed off each step and when it was signed off. You will have records of immersion times, voltage settings, break-free pass/fail, etc. At any time in the future you will be able to produce an Excel spreadsheet with all of this information that is required for Nadcap. No more file cabinets required.

Quality Control Features

JobPro includes an easy to use NCR system. When you install, you can select the process steps and discrepancies that work for your shop. After that, you can quickly open an NCR on any job then select process step, discrepancies and material dispositions (Use-As-Is, Touchup, Strip & Reprocess, Scrap/Lost and Return). Since process step and discrepancy type is coded into the NCR record, you will have a complete NCR history for your shop that can be analyzed to find the most frequent problems. NCRs can be filled in on the JobPad using a finger to select the process step, discrepancy, etc.

With the built-in camera on the JobPad, you can take pictures of parts for the part database or to document non-conformances. Pictures of non-conformant parts can be annotated with a point and drag, then emailed from the JobPad so your customer can see exactly what is happening on your shop floor. This entire process can be done in a few minutes from the shop floor or QC lab.

Interface to Bookkeeping

After your customer list has been imported, JobPro allows you to create invoices. JobPro shows all jobs in WIP and/or shipped so it is easy to see all jobs on a given PO and decide if you want to invoice. Normally, shops will wait until a PO is complete; however, JobPro allows you to send an invoice as soon as the first parts are shipped. If parts remain in house, the invoice will show back ordered amount. After invoicing one or more jobs, you will be able to export your invoices to a file that can be imported to Quickbooks, Sage 50 or Sage Business Works. The import will update the balance sheet account and all income accounts set up for the customer. The process of invoicing in JobPro and importing is much faster than invoicing directly from your bookkeeping program. Moreover, JobPro gives you far more visibility into your business and revenue breakdown. It is easy to see revenue by process, customer, or by user-assigned categories.

If you choose to invoice from another bookkeeping or ERP program, JobPro allows generation of Shipped Dollar reports that can be imported to your ERP system or used for manual invoicing. Import rules can be established and importing accomplished using tools like SAP's Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) or equivalent. Job numbers, cross reference links, or other approaches can be used to synchonize JobPro with ERP/MRP systems used for other segments of your business. With JobPro you can have the best job control for wet processing without giving up the power of industrial strength ERP and financial packages.

Installation and Flow

JobPro Network

JobPro client PCs can run Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, while network servers can run either Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012 or Server 2016. JobPro is designed as a networked system with server-resident database; although it can be run on a standalone PC also. User passwords and privilege levels are built in to JobPro to prevent production users from modifying engineering routers and to provide other access protection.

JobPro can be used side-by-side with ERP systems or as a standalone job system with Quickbooks Pro or other financial software to handle back end accounting. Whether you are planning Nadcap accreditation, or you just want a better job system, contact sales@anoplex.com. There is simply no easier way to meet the requirements.

"We love the new tabbed layout with everything we need in one program."

General Manager

Aluminum Finishing Company

Tabbed Layout

"We were up and running jobs in two weeks."


Advanced Aero Coatings

JobPro Part List JobPro Part Data

"The JobPro system gives us the tools we need to quickly set up routers and to meet AC7108 requirements. We can change one router and fix a hundred parts."

QA Manager

Adtec II

DocTrak Editor

"Our Nadcap auditor was very impressed."


Fitz Aerospace

"We have our wet processes on JobPro and are now back on track with Nadcap."


Applied Aero

JobPad Joblist JobPad Router

"With JobPad, we know where every job is located right up to the minute."

Project Manager

Anodizers Incorporated

JobPro NCR Screen JobPad Expanded Picture

"We can cut invoices faster in JobPro and then import hundreds of invoices to Quickbooks with a few clicks."



JobPro Customer Top JobPro Customer Bottom

"Using JobPro has been great for cash flow. Invoices are getting to the customers days earlier than previously, which has dramatically sped up invoice payments from customers."


Advance-Tech Plating

"This software is fantastic."

General Manager

Shield Plating

"CPS has helped hundreds of companies achieve Nadcap Accreditation for Chemical Processing, and we have seen many job systems. JobPro is designed for Nadcap, and it can make the process go a lot more quickly and smoothly."

Nadcap Consultant

Chemical Processing Services

"We bought another program, but it did not handle our Nadcap requirements. JobPro is less expensive and makes it easier to comply with AC7108."

QA Manager

Adtec II

"JobPro helps us to schedule and manage our periodic tests, map to the specifications in our scope, and insure compliance with the Nadcap requirements for test review."

Nadcap Consultant

LFC Industries

"The ERP system at Flex is great for BOM-based assy, machining processes, and bookkeeping. It does not deal with wet processing. JobPro lets us manage wet processing jobs, including NCR and data collection, and it gives us nice links back to the ERP system."

Business Systems Manager

Flextronics International

"Our Nadcap auditor loved it. Routers are obviously Nadcap compliant, and the search tools make it easy to find all previous Nadcap jobs, all jobs run for a particular customer, all jobs run during a particular time period, etc. It is easy to show auditors (and customers) that we are serious about Nadcap."

Nadcap Consultant

Fitz Aerospace