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Indicators Indicators

Acid-base pH curves

Flask Anodize

Method 1

Suitable for commercial
Type II and Type III baths.

Flask Anodize

Method 2

Suitable for aerospace
Type II and Type III baths.

Flask Caustic Etch

Caustic and aluminum
for aerospace baths.

Flask Passivate T2

Analysis for nitric acid
and sodium dichromate.

Flask Nitric HF

Analysis for nitric acid
and hydrofluoric acid.

Flask Sulfamate


Calculations for nickel
chloride and sulfamate.

Flask Watts Nickel

Calculations for nickel
chloride and sulfate.

Anoplex ChemTrak Library

The ChemTrak Library was started in 2008 and currently contains more than 1200 chemistries. Most of the chemistries in the Library are set up per manufacturers' data sheets. The library also contains acid and caustic etches for various materials, anodizing baths, and other chemistries that are not normally supplied by commercial vendors. References to published sources are provided for the analysis methods used in the ChemTrak Library since this is often required to support in-house testing for Nadcap Chemical Processing accreditation.

Anoplex Volumetric Methods

Anoplex has been working with metal finishing chemistry over a decade. During that time we have been asked to help our customers find analysis methods from reliable sources. The methods published here are for chemistries that are not supported by commercial vendors. The methods are drawn from scientific publications and have been validated by Anoplex Nadcap-accredited customers and laboratories.

Send an email to if you need help understanding these methods or would like to see another method explained here.