Software for Metal Finishing

Anoplex Software has been serving the metal finishing industry since 2006. We have over 150 installations worldwide and spanning all major industrial areas in the US.


Many of our customers are Nadcap-accredited companies who depend on our software to ensure repeat performance in production with AC7108 conformance.

ChemTrak is the most widely-used software for chemical analysis support, periodic testing support, and statistical process control. Select from over 1000 ready-to-use, tested and proven chemical processes or set up your own tanks. Track chemical usage, lot numbers, expiration dates, and purchases. Screens and tablets can communicate lab results and instructions to all processing and testing areas in your shop.

JobPro routers identify the buy-offs and data entry required by AC7108, and JobPad allows all the data to be collected in a database - paper optional. Built-in NCR tracking and Excel-based reports facilitate yield analysis and QC. Screens and tablets keep production running smoothly and ensure on-time delivery.

TestTrak helps manage loads in salt-spray chambers, provides tools for keeping chambers in conformance to the ASTM B117 specification, and facilitates required record keeping.

Nadcap Software

"We just finished our first Nadcap audit. JobPro and ChemTrak were very helpful: they gave us turn-key Nadcap accreditation."

QC Mgr, Southern Maine Specialties

"We have our wet processes on JobPro and are now back on track with Nadcap."

Owner, Applied Aero

Plating Shop Software

"With ChemTrak you just copy a few tanks from the library. Setup is quick and easy."

Quality Manager, All Metals Processing

"We've been using JobPro for years. It has all we need to manage the operation and to meet Nadcap requirements. "

Quality Manager, LFC Industries

Anodizing Shop Software

"We have switched to JobPro. Accounting is all smiles, and our operators love the routers."

President, Ano-Tech

"The tabbed layout gives us everything we need. We were 100% on JobPro and exporting to Quickbooks in a few weeks. "

President & GM, Aluminum Finishing Co

PCB Shop Software

"ChemTrak shows auditors that we are serious about our AS9100 certification."

President & Owner, ROCA Circuits