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Technical Support

Bill Fazakerly

Technical Support

& Nadcap Support

Jim Conner

Installation Support

Bob Stern

Nate Fazakerly

Sales & Finance

Khara Edler

Sales & Web Accounts

Julia Flanagan


TCS Solutions offers Nadcap consulting, on site installation, training, and contracting for ChemTrak and JobPro. Ask for Jim.

Chemical Processing Services offers Nadcap consulting. Ask for Robert.

ComputerEZE offers IT services including WiFi and network installation, server set up, backup, and security. ComputerEZE can setup your entire Anoplex system and keep it running smoothly. Ask for Bob.


Anoplex headquarters are in Pleasant Hill, California. Source build environments are maintained in Pleasant Hill and Sacramento, California. We have sales and support in New Jersey and Texas. Installation packages and upgrades are available through our website. Our mailing address is:

Anoplex Software

P.O. Box 153

Ramsey NJ 07446