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Chemical Process Control

ChemTrak gives you cost-effective control of your chemical solutions, periodic testing and preventive maintenance. The majority of our customers are Nadcap-accredited. There is no truly logical reason to spend more money with any other software vendor.

Morrells Quote

ChemTrak makes analysis, calculation and recording of chemical concentrations and additions so easy that anyone can do it. Everyone in your company will have access without any user fees, so management, production and quality personnel will know what is happening in the lab. Test results, test procedures and tank maintenance logs will no longer be classified information hidden in the depths of the laboratory.

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More than Chemistry

ChemTrak schedules periodic testing, preventive maintenance, and other shop activities. Anoplex tablets speed shop-floor tasks like additions, temperature logging, inventory and receiving. Purchasing will know when to order because StockTrak updates inventory when supplies are used. Audit findings will be a thing of the past because you will know your SPC numbers, you will be able to defend your methods, material lot and expiration dates will be tracked, vendor surveys will be done, tracking of late deliveries will be automatic, and you will have an answer for every AS9100 and AC7108 paragraph.

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Getting Started

Over 1000 commercial chemistries can be loaded from the ChemTrak Library; they are set up with vendor operating limits, methods, and makeups. You just enter your tank name and volume and start titrating.

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ChemTrak Network

The ChemTrak Suite works on client PCs and servers running any Windows operating system supported by Microsoft. (AddPad and StockPad require a Windows 10 tablet.) The suite is designed as a networked system with server-resident database. User passwords and privilege levels are built in, so you have control over who is able to edit analysis methods, change logs, take inventory, etc. One low monthly fee allows an unlimited number of users on your network.

Interplex Quote

ChemTrak is in use at small shops with as few as 10 tanks and larger shops with over 100 tanks. There are over 100 ChemTrak installations world-wide. The entire ChemTrak suite is modern software - "Native NET" with no third-party intellectual property. If you want the best for less, contact

ChemTrak Library

ABCO ...


ABCO Triple Clean

ABCO Allumatte Etch

Soak Cleaner 922

Electrocleaner 877

A-Brite Company (Legacy) ...

Enthox Yellow 2LC

Entek RP-90

CadGlo 50

Banana Split

Aluma Etch 185

BriteGuard ALDIP

EnPrep MTK-58LS

Alumibond 1200

Accu-Labs ...

361-P Descaler

Accu-Labs 887

ENnovate 1094

Accu-Labs 1094 SR

TinStar 801

TinStar 805

Accu-Labs NILUX


Alankleen ...

Alankleen Alu-Soak

AlChem CST ...

AlDip OD Chromate

American Research ...

Americlene 8

ARP 605

Astoria ...

Techniprep RP 120

Technibrite ZN810

F-703 LA

F-777 LA

F-1810 Dry Acid Salts




Techniclean LE 1590


F-904 LAP

F-904 LAP w LAB

Benchbrite 366/377

Technistrip NI 29

Atotech ...

Rohco 20-XL

Nichem 1100

Nichem 1122

Nichem 2500

Nichem 5100

AlumSeal 2000

AlumSeal 650

Unichrome CR-844 SP

Cupracid 300

EconoChrome BK

Reflectalloy ZNA

Reflectalloy ZNA (BAC5637)

EcoloZinc 4040

EcoloZinc 4040 (generator)

ZinNi AF 210

Protedur Plus

Permalume G Strike

StannoPure HSB

Tridur ZnNi H1

BondFilm Activator

BondFilm Activator B

BondFilm Cleaner ALK


Alkalume Etchant E

Alkalume Cleaner 143

Atotech Quatrasid

TriBlack 120 (rack)

TriBlack 120 (barrel)

Tridur ZnB

TriMax LEC-269

TriMax LSC-349

Corrosil Plus 501BG

Corrosil Black 600BG

RoDip ZnX

RoDip Zn25

RoDip OD

RoDip CZ-219

Rostrip M-10

Atotech HEEF 25

Roplate SN Matte

Roplate SN

ZyLite HT

EcoTri HC2

Alkalox 89

UniClean Bio VA2

Protolux 3200

Protectostan LF

Interlox 5707

UniSpray LZR 1

UniPrep 310

UniPrep PF 1

UniPrep RA 10

Corrosil GG 400

Axalta ...

Aqua EC 2600 EP

Birchwood ...

Tru Temp XL

OxyPrime XP

Bright Dyes ...

9000 Liquid Sealer

Black E-HVL

BroCo ...

BroCo 925-ZNCR

Broco MC

Broco OCM-90

Brulin ...

Brulin 815 GD

Cal-Pac ...

Cal 921

Cal 1190

Pro 941

Pro Deox-IL

Chemeon ...

Chemeon TCP-HF

Chemeon TCP-HF

Chemeon TCP-HF w HFEPA

Cleaner 1000

Chemeon AOS 100

Clariant ...

Anodal Color TS2

Clariant Anodal EE

Anodal AANF

Anodal Etch Add B

Anodal Etch Add C

Clariant Anodal NFO

Anodal Acid Cleaner 3

Anodal SH-1

Anodal MS-1L

Anodal Deox Additive

Anodal Deox LFN Liq

Anodal PTFE Liquid

Sanodal Deep Black HBL

Sanodure Black VA

Sanodye Black OA

Sanodal Deep Black MLW

Sanodure Black BK Super

Sanodure Brown BL

Sanodure Brown GSL

Sanodure Brown 2R

Sanodye Brown R

Sanodure Fast Bronze L

Sanodure Bronze G

Sanodure Bronze 2LW

Sanodure Grey BL

Sanodure Grey HLN

Sanodure Grey NL

Sanodure Grey R

Sanodal Gold 4N

Sanodal Gold 5N

Sanodure Gold S

Sanodye Gold Orange RLW

Sanodye Orange 2B

Sanodye Orange C

Sanodure Orange RL

Sanodye Pink BLS

Sanodal Fast Blue G

Sanodure Blue 4A

Sanodye Blue A

Sanodye Blue G

Sanodye Blue 2LW

Sanodal Turquoise PLW

Sanodye Violet 3D

Sanodye Violet MRB

Sanodure Bordeaux RL

Sanodure Fiery Red ML

Sanodye Red GLW

Sanodye Red RLW

Sanodure Green LWN

Sanodye Green AEN

Sanodye Green AX

Sanodye Yellow 3GL

Sanodye Yellow D

Sanodure MIL Tan

Sanodure Olive Drab 9

Chautauqua ...

Miraclean EC-220

Chemetall / Oakite ...

Oakite 90

Oakite 160

Oakite 160 (BAC5765)

Oakite Deox LNC (BAC5765)

Oakite Bright Dip CB

Oakite Inhibitor CB

CrysCoat 2187

Gardolene D6820

Chemcid 2224

Chem Etch 7105

Oakite 31

Pyrene US 1225

Oakite 61B

Aluminum Cleaner 164

Aluminum Cleaner 166

Pyrene 1323

Chromicoat L25

Gardobond G4040

CrysCoat MP

CrysCoat CM

Ardrox 6333

Ardrox Orthosil F2

Ardrox 6471

Aluminum Cleaner NST

Ardrox 295-G (BAC5765)

Ardrox 295-GD (Airbus SSA)

Inpro-Clean 2500

Oakite Rustripper (BAC5625)

Deoxidizer SS

Oakite 160 (BAC5786 9.1)

Oakite 160 (BAC5786 9.1.4)

Oakite Hardwall VF

Chemix ...

Chemix SC 573

Chemix SolOro7

Columbia ...

Extreme 210

ColZinc ACF-II

Colloy A-Z-N 200 10% Ni Alloy

Colloy A-Z-N 200 14% Ni Alloy


ColDip Yellow 126

ColDip Tri-V Yellow

ColDip Tri-V Copper

ColDip Tri-V 120

ColDip Blue-Bright 326

ColDip Ni-Z Tri Blue 100

ColdDip Olive Drab

ColDip Black 201

ColDip Ni-Z Black

Trivecta Ni-Z Black 70

Trivecta Black 24

Trivecta Black 24X

Trivecta Black 300

SpectraMate 25

Trivecta Sealer 350 - Blue

Trivecta Sealer 350 - Black

ColDye Blue S-100

ColDye Green 200

ColDye Purple 100

ColDye Red 100

HCl Pickle Pal

Colclean Soak 250

Colclean Electro 420

ColPhos Zn-35

Coral ...

Al Clene 75R

Deox IT 22L


CorEtch WF

CorCoat MSP 1-3

Corak 777L

Coral CED

Coventya / Sirius ...

Crystal 302

Crystal AP

Cubrac 200

Cubrac Marquee

Enova 192

Enova 949

Enova 950

Enova EF583

Enova EF583R

Enova EF587

Enova EF592

Enova H14

Enova H15

Enova Lumen 790

Enova NiStripR

Enova NiStripR

Enova RI-8111

Enova RI-8712

Lanthane Blue 126

Lanthane Yellow 335

Optibond Deox

Picklane AE

PreLiq 5266

Presol 5146

Presol 5161AL

Presol 5340

SirPrep 309EC

SirPrep 319A

SirPrep 620A

SirPrep 709ZN

StarGlo-MSA BR

SurTec 650 (ChromitAL TCP)

TasDip IR-12L

TasDip OD2

TasDip OD3

TasPrep NFS

TasPrep Opti-Bond

TriStar 300 AF

ZetaPlus Merit

Dipsol ...

IZ-C17+ (BAC5637)

IZ-250Y Hi-Nic

IZ-252Y Hi-Nic



Dipsol Z-3000

IZ-264 (BAC5637)


Dipsol X-1304

Dipsol FC-PV1

Dipsol NZ98

Diversey ...

Diversey DS9-333

Diverscale DS9-299

Dow / Rohm & Haas ...

Silver Glo 3K

Silver Glo 3K

Silver Glo 3K


Copper Gleam DL-880

Hole Prep 211A

Promoter 3308

Neutralizer 3313

Neutralizer 3314

Catalyst 44

Cataprep 404

Accelerator 19

Accelerator PM-964

Cataposit PM-957

Duraposit SMT 88

Conditioner 211

Circuposit 3350-1

Electroposit 1100

Anti-Tarnish 7130

Preposit Etch 748

Conditioner 3320A

Aurall 364-A Strike

Aurall 305

Aurospeed NVD

Cuposit 328L

Cuposit 328L_2

TinGlo Culmo

Solderon SC

Solderon SC (300 g/L tin)

Solderon ST-200 (300 g/L tin)

Solderon ST-200 (400 g/L tin)

Solderon BT-100

Solderon BLS

Auronal BGA

Ronovel CM Strike

Ronovel CM Gold

Ronaclean EVP-210S

Ronamerse SMT Catalyst

Ronaclean PC-454


Envirostrip 785

REsolve 211C

Dura-Chem ...

Dura Etch 6

Multi-Clean NG-2

Aluma Prep 3

Dura-Chem LND

Dura-Chem AC 300L

Electro Polish Systems ...



Electrochemical Products ...

E-Brite 23-11

E-Brite 30-30

E-Brite 400

E-Brite 757

E-Brite C135

E-Brite ZNI Alk

E-Brite ZNI Acid

E-Brite ZNI Acid (BAC5637)

E-Chrome Ultra Blue

E-Chrome Ultra Yellow-Red

E-Seal 1000

E-Kleen 122

E-Kleen 127

E-Kleen 166

E-Kleen SR-148E

E-Pik 211

E-Pik 216

E-Brite 180

Ultra-Blak 400

Electro-Glo ...

Electro-Glo 300

Electro-Glo 400

Elm Specialties ...

Elm 240

Elm 1002

SupremeKleen KP

Florida Circuit Tech ...

ACT 2070

EZ 5050

ES 6050

ENIG CT300 Pre-Dip

ENIG CT300 Post-Dip

ENIG CT300 Catalyst

CK-300 Catalyst Killer






CirEtch 100

Forbes ...

ForZinc Ultra Z AP


ForKleen Super Soak 12

Anoclean 598

ForDip 2500

ForDip Hex-V

Galaxy ...

GF Phos 757CL

Galvanolyte ...

Galvanolyte G-100

Haviland ...

HP Deox CR#1

HP AlumaGuard XP

HP Sapphire Elite


HP Performa HD

HP HavaCoat AL-Y

HP Cleaner ASC

HP Electrocleaner 73

HP HavaStrip NI

HP Chrome Catalyst 430

HP Havablack Chromate

HP AlumaKleen

Hi-Phos M

Hasco ...

Hasco 503B

Heatbath ...

Everite II

Diverscale 299


D909 Cleaner

Chem Alum Deox 514

Deoxide NC-9

Cu-Brite 5

Alu-Kleen 4-W

Electro-Kleen 67

Electro-Kleen 1448

Electro-Kleen SP

Multi-Kleen 1568

Makerstrip 4530

Duracoat Brite B

Duracoat Star Black

Duracoat OD

Phos Dip BZP7


Allblack Special


Lustra-Zinc AC4030

Lustra-Cad LH-50 (barrel)

Lustra-Cad LH-50 (rack)

Etch Additive 1000

Triumph Plus

Triumph SPR

Triumph 3000

Nuvat Classic

Nuvat S-65

Diverclean AC


Alu-Kleen 1586

MaxAmp Classic


Alchrome 2

Henkel ...

Alodine 600

Alodine 1000

Alocrom 1000

Alocrom 1200

Alodine 1200S

Alodine 1500

Alodine 1600

Turco Smut-Go (Airbus SSA)

Deoxalume 2310 (BAC5555)

Deoxidizer 6_16

Deox 6/16 (BAC5765 27A)

Deox 6/16 (BAC5765 27B)

Deox 6/16 (BAC5765 27C)

Turco Aldox V (BAC5765)

Turco Nitrad 4104 (BAC5625)

Turco D 357

Turco 5578-GL

Bonderite C-AK 4181L Aero

Bonderite C-AK 4181-GL Aero

Turco 4215 NC-LT

Bonderite C-AK 4215 Aero

Turco 4338 (BAC5625)

Turco 4409-GL

Turco 4338-L (BAC5635)

Bonderite C-AK 4338C

Bonderite C-IC 4409 Aero

Bonderite C-AK 5948DPM

Turco MIL-Etch (BAC5786)

Novamax DS-9-333

Almeco 720 (Ano III)

AnoSeal 9000

AnoSeal 1000


Ridoline 298

Aluminum Etchant 33

Parco Lubrite 2

Bonderite C-IC SCG5

Bonderite C-AK VITKL Aero

Bonderite M-ZN 20

Bonderite M-CR T 5900

Turco Aldet

Houghton ...

Houghto Seal A-620

Houto Deox A-1745L

Houghto Etch AX-2050

Hubbard Hall ...

Cleaner 187B

Mi-Phos Z-10

Acid Brite 50

Ultrex AS 646 W

Ultrex FA 96

Etch Cleaner 6LF

Aquaease E 159

Aquaease S 187

Aquaease E 9091

Almet B

Deoxidizer 44

Cleaner 200

Metal Guard 180

Electroblack SG

ENE Brown Dip

Ultrex FS1

Mi-Clean 24

Deoxidizer 13L

Aquaease SL 80

Luster-On ...

Luster-On Z-52/53W

Luster-On Z-52/53W

Luster-On 55-L

Cadmium Special

Luster-On 401

Luster-On 401L

Luster-On 416

Luster-On 416L

Luster-On 490L

Luster-On Aluminescent

Luster-On 3310L

Luster-On 1243L

Luster-On 485L

MacDermid Enthone ...

66 Microetch

Activax Cleaner

Alibond 802

Alprep 230

Alprep 290

Alprep 291


Anodex NP-2

Barrett SN


Buff Off

Chromax ELV

Clepo 444-N

Clepo 95-MW

Clepo SP

Colec KW

CuMac 872 VC

CuMac 8734

CuMac Supreme

Du-Zinc 019-LF

Dyclene EW

E-Copper 22

ElNic 101

Enviralloy Zn-Ni

Iridite 14

Iridite 14-2

Iridite 1A OD

Iridite 80

Iridite 8P

Iridite 990

Iridite LG-4300

Iridite LY-FPC

Iridite NCP

Iridite Ultra Black

Isoprep 161

Isoprep 177

Isoprep 172

Isoprep 184

Isoprep 188

Isoprep 190

Isoprep 192

Isoprep 44

Isoprep 49L

Isoprep 740


Kenlevel XP

Kenvert 11

Klenewell Cleaner

MacCuPlex 9339

MacCuPlex J-64

MacroBrite C-9

Mactivate 360

MAT 447

Metalex W

Metex 6811

Metex 662SE

Metex Etch Salts

Metex M-629

Metex M-629U

Metex PS Minco

Metex S-1 Additive

Metex S-438

Metex SCB Nickel Strip

Metex T-103


Niklad 262

Niklad 752

Niklad 767

Niklad 768

Niklad 787

Niklad 794

Niklad 797

Niklad ELV 808

Niklad ELV 809

Niklad ELV 811 HS

Niklad ELV 835

Niklad ELV 849

Niklad ICE Ultra

Niklad ELV 824

NiMac 604

NiMac 8108 Hi-S

NiMac Challenger

NiMac Clarion

NiMac Hypore XL

NiMac M-Satin Fine

NiMac M-Satin Light

NiMac M-Satin Star

NiMac SF

NiStan SF

Oxidite S-52L

Phosphotex A12

Phosphotex A8

Process 235L (BAC5625)

MacDermid Q-PEX

Q-PEX w Sulfuric

Soak 028

Soak 029

StanTek BMAT

StanTek BMAT 90-10

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Tin MAC (Rack)

TriPass ELV 5252

TriPass ELV CorroBlue

TriPass ELV DuraBlue

TriPass ELV 5500

TriPass Post Dip

Vand-Aloy 4100

Vand-Aloy 4200

Vand-Aloy 5000

Vand-Aloy 6000

Zonax Copper


Metex AL Acid Etch

MultiPrep 506

Rack Stripper SS-25

Isobrite 660

Niklad Eclipse

Envirozin Prima

ENfinity 12

ENfinity 12 Plus

Enplate NI-422

Enplate EN-7601

Enplate EN-807

Enplate NI-429

Enplate ADP-300

Enplate EN-623

Enplate AL-100

Sparkleen 335 LA

Actane 342

Actane 70

Actane E-10

Alumon EN

Alumon 5825

Entek ME-1020

Enprep 14

Enprep 72SE

Enprep 114E

Enprep 214 (BAC5625)

Enprep 274SE

Enprep 808E

Aurobond TCL

Silvrex 3

Udylite UBAC WP

BDT 510

Bry Cad

Enstrip S

Enthox 55

Enthobright HCRZ

AlphaPrep PC-7030

Solderex TB


Autronex CI

BDT 100

Alumon SC-35

WestChromate EZY

WestChromate EZY

Enthox 795

Enstrip EN-86


EnDURE PA-2001



EnDURE Seal 100

Enthox PitchBlack

Enthox PitchBlack

EnPrep MTK-54

Enthox Dip CC-II-L

EnStrip 80

Alumon 171

Entek RP-198 ??

Maclee ...

Maclee Tinomat

Tinol S Process 100RB

Tinol BSA Process B

Tinol BSA Process B

McGean Rohco ...

Super Bee 300LF (BAC5763)

Cee Bee J-88 (BAC5625)

Cee Bee J-84A (BAC5749/51)

MetalChem ...

Meta-Plate 2500

Meta-Plate 3500

Meta-Plate Platinum

Meta-Plate Platinum Plus

Meta-Mate Zincate 40

Meta-Plate 8500T

Meta-Plate Ultima

Meta Plate 6000

Metal Finishing Needs ...

MFN TriBlue 260

MFN 640 TriBlue

Metalline ...

Ambidet LC-97

Ambidet LC-97

Ambidet F1-C

Electrodet SE

Zicon Zinc-PA

Olive HT

Metalx ...

Stripper B-9

Metalor Technologies ...

MetGold 2010N(HS)

MetGold 2010N(B)

NiGold HEB

MetGold 99 Strike

MetPure 99-4R

MetSil 100

MetPal Ni III

Miles Chemical ...

Miles SA-200

Micel DA78

Miles X-CEL 220TT

Micel Brass Black

X-Cel Brass Activator

X-Cel Zn Black

Miles EN 2K13

Micel CH-92

North Eastern ...




NE-1424 w Nitric

OMG Legacy ...

Fidelity 3115

Fidelity 3152

Fidelity 3116M

Fidelity 4009

Fidelity 5023

Fidelity 9002

Fidelity 9012

Fidelity 9189

Fidelity 9045

Fidelity 3137

Fidelex 3136

Fidelity 1120

Fidelity 9156

Fidelity 4009

Fidelity 9164

OMG PC-671

OMG PC-600

E-Prep 200 Desmear

E-Prep 200 (Titrimetric)

E-Prep Neutralizer

E-Prep Neutralizer

E-Prep Glass Etch II

E-Prep Solvent II

E-Prep Solvent II (xL)

Via Dep 4471

Catalyst Predip PD-472

Catalyst C-473

4000 Process

Olympic Scientific ...

Ultrachromate 300 (BAC5804)

Pavco ...

Pavco Smart Zinc

Pavco ZCl NH4 Futura

Pavco ZCl K3

Pavco Legacy

Pavco Ziniloy HD

ERA Wright Nickel

HyProCoat 330

HyProCoat 570

Pavcoat TTF 810

PavPrep-LF with H2SO4

PavPrep-LF with HCl

Tri-Krome Blue B2

Pavchrome Black Onyx

Pavchrome Olive Drab

Pavchrome Black

Pavco Yellow N

Pavco Yellow CLZ

HyProTri Yellow

HyPro Black 3000

HyProTec 1010


PreDip Zi-Ni


Pavco Ziniloy 3028

Pavco Merlin

PMD(UK) ...

PMD Nustrip EN

PMD Nustrip 93

PPG Industrial ...

Meta Bond 51414

Ronatec ...

Cleaner E100

Cleaner E100L

Zincate 40

Rona Black EN

Ronatec Ultima

Ronatec RoHS EN1000

Ronatech AlEtch-60

Sanchem ...

Sanchem 1000

SafeGard CC 3400

Schloetter ...

Auruna 539

Auruna 558

Auruna 559

Auruna 580

Auruna 8100

Matte Tin LC 10 (SAT 10)

Bright Tin Culmo NF

HS Pure Tin MBF 20

Slotolet G 20-1

Slotolet GB 60

Woods Strike

Nickel Sulphamate MS

Niphos 965

Niphos 966

Slotonik 20

Slotocoup PC 81

Bright Silver ELFIT 73 E

Palladium 452

Palladium-Nickel 468

Activator S2

Slotoclean EL DCG-F

Sil-Aft Salt

Antitarnish AG 110 S

Slotodry 10


SlotoClean AK 160

SIC Technologies ...

Etch 837

EP 8511

EP 8537

EP 8539

Desmut 1015

Additive 1307 (NaOH solid)

Additive 1307 (NaOH liquid)

Cleaner 3390

Seal 2504

Chromate 5029

Stellar ...

CitriSurf 2250

CitriSurf 2550

Stone Chemical ...

Stone AN100

Stone AN110L

Stone AN150L

Stone AN160L

Stone AN200

Stone AN400L

Stone AN535L

Stone AN650L

Stone AN675L

SurTec ...

SurTec 650

Technic ...

Technic 40 Strike

Technic 414

Technic E-74

Technic E-94

Technic Orosene 999

Technic Orosene 80

Orotemp 24

Orotherm HT

Techni-Gold 151 Special

Techni Gold 303B

Techni Silver Strike

Technic Silversene DW

Technic Silversene L

Techni-Silver E-2

Pallaspeed VHS

Palladium Nickel VHS

Technic Rhodium TP

Technic Platinum A

Techni Nickel S

Technic MX5-M

Techni Nickel HT-2

Techni Acid Salt

Technic TEC 1016

BC Nickel Stripper

Techni NF JM6000

Techni NF JM6000

Techni NF JB3000

Techni BT2-HS

Techni BT2

Technistan JM 7000

Technic Tarniban E

Technic Antiox MLX

Techni Copper C

Technic Cu 2300

Technic OroStrike

Technic 94 Strike

Techni Gold 434 HS

Technic ACR 3009

Techni Copper P

Technipolish 3212

Technic TSC 1508L

Technic Microetch 85

Technistan TP


Techni Silver 1025

Technibrite TL-12

Techni BT

Torch Surface Technologies ...

Lube Coat MG-22


B-55 Emulsion

Toner MG-1 Pre-Rinse

Umicore ...

Miralloy 2844

Miralloy 2844

Arguna Silver CF

Arguna Silver CF

Arguna 4500

Arguna Silver Flash CF

Auruna 530

Auruna 528

Antitarnish 614

Antitarnish 616

Arguna 630

Sealing 691

US Specialties ...

USS Black BK Excel


USS Blue 4A

USS Blue A

USS Bordeaux R

USS Bronze 2LN

USS Brown BL


USS Copper BF

USS Deep Red L

USS Fast Gold LN

USS Gold N (FAO)

USS Gold S

USS Golden Orange RLW


USS Green B



USS Neon Pink

USS Olive Drab

USS Orange 2B

USS Teal

USS Turquoise PLWN

USS Violet 3D

USS Violet DS

USS Violet MRB

USS Yellow D

USS Yellow 3GL

USS Yellow 4A

USS Aurous 19

USS RO 59tm8

USS Sealant MTL

USS Specialty 835

Specialty Ano-EE

Yuken Corporation ...

Metasu CR-CL1(A)

Zinex Corporation ...

Zinex Cobre

Generic Baths ...

Anodize per BAC 5019

Anodize per BAC 5632

Anodize Oxalic

Anodize Type IC

Anodize per BAC 5555

Anodize Type II

Anodize per BAC 5022

Anodize MAE Sulfuric

Anodize per BAC 5022

Anodize Type IIB (TFSAA)

Anodize Type III

Anodize per BAC 5821

Anodize MAE Hard Coat

Anodize per BAC 5821

Tri-Acid Etch


Generic Acid Copper

Cyanide Copper

Generic Nitric AB

Generic HCl 15%

Generic HCl 50%

Generic HF 30%

Woods Strike (BAC5746)

Watts Nickel (BAC5746)

Sulfamate Nickel (BAC5746)

Ammonium Nitrate

Tri-Caustic Mix

Chem-Polish / Aluminum

Cadmium Fluoborate



Sodium Bicarbonate

Ammonium Bifluoride

FPL Etch (BAC5555)

PAD (BAC5555 Sol 6)

TSP / KF / HCl (BAC5861)

Nitric HF

HNO3 25-45%

HNO3 25%

HNO3 40%

HNO3 w Na2Cr2O7

Generic Citric Acid 8%

Seal - Na2Cr2O7

BAC Seal - Na2Cr2O7

BAC Dilute Chromate Seal

Generic H2SO4 10%

Generic H2SO4 35%

Generic Cynanide Cad

Generic Nitric AB

Ferric Chloride


Palladium Strip

Gold Strip

Ti-Cad Plate BAC 5804

Phos-Fluor BAC 5861

Anodize Airbus 02-01-003

Inhibited Nitric BAC 5625

Ti-Cad Plate (BAC5804)

TSP / KF / HCl (BAC5861)

Nitric HF

Nitric AB (BAC5625)

Nitric AB

Hydrochloric AB

Copper Pyrophosphate

Potassium Persulfate

Sodium Dichromate

Chrome Plate

Brass Plating Solution

Sulfamic Activator

Cyanide Activator

Chrome Seal (BAC PS13201)

Dilute Chromate (PS13201)

Dilute Chromate (BAC5632)

HNO3 w Na2Cr2O7

Passivate (BAPS 180-015)

Passivate (BAPS 180-015)

Passivate (BAPS 180-015)

Nitric AB (Northrup C-14)

Dilute Chromic Seal (UTC RPS 13.55)

Dichromate Seal (UTC RPS 13.55)

Anodize Type II (UTC RPS 13.55)