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A Job System for Metal Finishing

JobPro is a powerful, yet easy-to-use job system designed for metal finishing. JobPro manages documentation and operations from order entry to shipping and invoicing.

Getting Started

JobPro Editing Tabs

With JobPro's editing tools, you can quickly document your processes. Then you can generate accurate estimates, send quotes, and plan parts.

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Part numbers, prices, and customer list can be imported from other systems to expedite the start up process. Plating shops, anodizing shops, and painting shops have been able to set up and launch JobPro with just a few weeks of work. If your employees are too busy, Anoplex on-site support is available with as much help as you need.

Entering Jobs & Scheduling

JobPro Job Tabs

Once parts are planned, jobs can be entered with the click of a button. Parts using similar processes can be mixed on the same job or entered as separate jobs. Find jobs in WIP that are masked or not masked, engraved or not engraved, etc., to enable scheduling by process difficulty and help you to maximize shop throughput and revenue.

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Turn-Key Nadcap

JobPro shows your operators exactly which steps need to be signed off and what data need to be collected for Nadcap. Job splits, non-conformance reports, complete rework routers, first article system, and other AC7108 requirements are built into JobPro, so you do not need to struggle with clumsy add-ons. LFC Industries Quote

Shop Efficiency

You can find any job in the shop in an instant.

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Don't leave your customers on hold while you run around the shop looking for jobs. Print a report to show the swing shift exactly where every job was located when the day shift left and exactly what remains to be done. Nadcap companies have the additional benefit of electronic records: immersion times, voltage settings, break-free pass/fail, etc. At any time in the future you will be able to generate a spreadsheet with all of this information that is required by AC7108. No more file cabinets.

Built-in Quality

JobPro's non-conformance reporting system can be customized to the needs of your shop. NCRs can be filled in and parts dispositioned by point and click. Reports show where yield loss is occurring and help drive meaningful corrective action.

QC Buttons

Specifications and certificate text can be saved with part records and extended during job processing to capture serial numbers, paint lots, mix times, bake times and other job-specific data. Logos, signatures, dates and all job data is automatically inserted so that you can simply save and/or print the certificate and send it to your customer.

Interface to Bookkeeping

Cut your invoices on the day you ship, and batch import to the bookkeeping system of your choice when you are ready. JobPro's invoicing tools help you dissect orders to insure proper collection of minimum charges and fees. Invoice line items can show all the information your customer needs so you get a check instead of a phone call.

Invoicing Buttons

Anoplex supports Quickbooks Enterprise, Quickbooks Pro, Sage Businessworks, Sage 50 and facilitates links to ERP for captive shops. Now you can have the best job control for wet processing without losing the support from banks, check printers, and accountants that comes with widely-used software.

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JobPro client PCs and servers can run any Microsoft Windows operating system. JobPro is designed as a networked system with server-resident database. User passwords and privilege levels are built in so you have control over who is able to see financial data, generate quotes/pricing, edit jobs, etc. One low monthly fee allows an unlimited number of users on your network.

JobPro Network

Whether you are planning for Nadcap, or you just want the best job system available for your shop, contact